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Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

I can’t be your hero/I can’t save the day/I can’t catch you when you fall/I just feel so weak from this all - "Hero" by Spencer Hodge

Spencer Hodge may not consider himself a hero, but he proved he was worthy of top honors at the inaugural Kentucky State Fair Songwriter Contest last year. The contest returns for its second year, but with an exciting new addition. On three consecutive Saturdays in June, local music shop Mom’s Music and the Young Adult Project tent will join forces to offer Songwriter Workshops to allow contestants to polish their entries before the July 1 deadline.

Each session will begin with a panel-style discussion led by professional songwriters allowing participants to ask questions regarding the songwriting profession. Aspiring young writers will have the exclusive opportunity to pick apart the minds of leading names including the man behind the catchy Seinfield theme song. Jonathan Wolff will offer the expertise of his extensive television career that has led to an impressive rap sheet boasting household names such as Will & Grace, Who’s the Boss? and King of Queens. Phil Copeland, who has taken home Emmys for his music on both ESPN’s SportsCentury and the CBS soap opera, Guiding Light, will showcase his diverse talent and expansive knowledge of the field.

Participating songwriters may also perform select pieces, describing their creative process or revealing where the seed of a song idea originated.

Gregory Riggle, VP of Industry Relations & Business Communications at SESAC, an international performing rights organization, will wrap up each workshop with his “Music Business 101” presentation. This interactive session will lay down the basics of the industry and demonstrate the life-cycle of a song through today’s music marketplace. Those participating in the workshops will learn valuable information regarding copyright, publishing and licensing.

The Kentucky State Fair Songwriter Workshops are free, but pre-registration is required, by no later than 12:00 noon on the Friday before each workshop. To register, email Stephanie Darst at or call 502.367.5496, leaving your name, age, email address, and telephone number.

Date:               Time:                          Featured Songwriters:

June 11            2:00 to 4:00 p.m.         Paul Moffett and Anthony Payton

June 18            2:00 to 4:00 p.m.         Jonathan Wolff and Phil Copeland

June 25            2:00 to 4:00 p.m.         kRi and Hettie, Peter Searcy and BJ Davis

Don’t forget to submit your entries by July 1! Guidelines for the 2011 Kentucky State Fair Songwriter Contest are available online:

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